core-lrgMy LAMP stack team and I at Imagination Plus were tasked to do some updates on the Court Global Network website. The client was looking to have a more interactive way of accessing the map and all the global location to show breadth of the network. My team and I integrated Google Maps API and styled it so users could interact with the locations and learn more, including; website links, addresses and services.

In our next sprint the client wanted to add some motion, so within the team we came up with a counter which would represent the amount of rolls being produced daily. I implemented a graphic rotation animation with CSS3 to give that feel of a roll production for each counter. The client also wanted to make the innovation section more innovative. My team and I worked together to create a subtle parallax scroll with a sub-navigation which would nicely show each piece of content while a user scrolled.

This website was created working at Imagination Plus Inc. as the Lead Digital Designer.

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